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Automobile Sticker Program 

Braeburn Valley Sections I & II

The Automobile Sticker Program gives the residents of Braeburn Valley Sections I & II peace of mind knowing that the vehicles in our neighborhood belong here.  If you did not receive stickers in your Welcome Packet or you just need to replace an old one, please send an email to the Civic Association at to get your neighborhood sticker. ​



1.  Ensure each automobile has a sticker

2. Place a sticker on the bottom left corner of the rear window

3. Avoid on-street parking whenever possible


Please note: if you are a Braeburn Valley I or II resident and you do not have a sticker on your vehicle, any cost associated with a vehicle reported to the police as suspicious is at the owner's expense.  


1.  Know your neighbor's vehicles

2. Report suspicious vehicles to local police 

3. If unsure a vehicle belongs email

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