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Braeburn Valley Sections I & II

special note: the words Braeburn Valley Sections I & II is used in place of the new group forming. Once the new group's

formal name is established the policy will be updated accordingly.



  1. Braeburn Valley I & II sponsored social media may only be accessed and used by owners and registered renters within the neighborhood. Only owners or registered renters will be granted access to our private social media sites. 

  2. Owners may post comments and information in relation to the pages, feeds, groups, and other information created by Committee or Board members.

  3. Posts containing any of the following items are prohibited and will be deemed a violation of this Policy:

    1. Vulgar language Inappropriate images, such as, but not limited to, pornography;

    2. Personal attacks of any kind against any person; comments or content that promotes or perpetuates discrimination;

    3. Spam or links to other sites that is not in direct benefit of the neighborhood or residents; 

    4. Advocating illegal activity

    5. Promoting  services, products, or political organizations without the express written consent of Braeburn Valley I & II;

    6. Infringements on copyrights or trademarks; personally identifiable medical information;

    7. Information that may compromise the safety, security, or proceedings of any legal action pertaining to Braeburn Valley I & II.


Braeburn Valley I & II  reserves the right to remove any content the Board or Communications Committee, in their sole discretion, deems inappropriate or harmful to the neighborhood or any individual.



  1. Any posts in violation of this Policy may be deleted by the Communications  Committee or Board.

  2. In the event any content is found to be contrary to this Policy, the owner posting such content will be deemed in violation of this Policy and subject to appropriate enforcement action in accordance with the Bylaws.

  3. In the event a resident has violated this Policy more than three times within a 24-month period, such resident shall be removed as an allowed user and will no longer have access the social media site(s).


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